Frequently Asked Questions

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We want you to feel welcomed and safe. Once you arrive, we greet you with a warm welcome and snack, where you have access to fun activities like gaming consoles, movies, air hockey, basketball, and so much more!

What happens after I ask for for help at a Safe Place site?

Staff at the site will take you to a more private spot within the building and call our team at YST. Our shelter staff will ask a trained Safe Place responder meet with you in person at the Safe Place site. Once they arrive, you can share with them about your situation and your needs. Together, you will come up with a solution. They can call EMSA if you are hurt, help you get in touch with your parents if you are lost, or take you to the shelter if you need a safe pace to stay.

What if I need help late at night?

Our shelter is staffed 24/7 with amazing people! There is always someone awake and by the phone to respond to your need and dispatch a Safe Place responder.

What happens if I go to the shelter?

First, shelter staff will see if you need a snack, drink, or blanket. Then, they will learn from you about your situation and complete an intake interview to get your information. They will call your legal guardian to let them know you are with us and safe, and to get permission for you to stay with us. The law requires we let your parent or guardian know where you are; however, if you are experiencing abuse and let us know, we will contact DHS and they will let us know how to proceed to best keep you safe.

How long can I stay at the shelter?

There is not a limit to how many days you can stay at the shelter. We are set-up as a short term care facility, so we will work together with you, your family, or DHS to come up with a safe long-term solution. Some youth stay for a couple of hours, others stay with us for several months. Every situation is different!

What are the bedrooms like?

Each bedroom has two twin beds. Roommates are determined by how many youth we have staying at our shelter and who feels comfortable rooming together. We always ask about your gender identity to make sure you feel comfortable in the room we assign you to.

Why can't I have my cell phone?

Your cell phone will be put in a safe locker and you will get it back before you discharge from the shelter. Shelter services are confidential, and it is very important we keep the identities of all youth staying with us protected and confidential, the way we can ensure this confidentiality is by removing cell phones/camera from the environment. We have shelter phones you can use to call people on your call list, so you can keep in touch while you are at the shelter.

What if I am part of the LGBTQ+ community?

Our shelter is a Safe Place for everyone. We celebrate and respect your identity and want to ensure that our shelter is welcoming and safe.

What if someone dangerous tries to enter the shelter?

All of our shelter doors are locked to the outside. We have surveillance cameras around the parameter of the building and always talk to visitors through our intercom before we buzz them in. If someone dangerous tried to enter the shelter, we would not let them in and would call the police for help.

What if I have to leave without packing a bag?

We have a clothing closet where we can find items for you to wear. We also keep hygiene items and new underwear stocked.