Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

Who can sign up for counseling services?

Any young person (ages 12-17) can request a counseling session with one of our licensed professionals. Youth 18 and over must be a current client of Youth Services of Tulsa to receive counseling services.

Will my parents know if i request a counseling sessions?

Qualifying youth are able to be seen for the first time without parent consent, however for additional counseling, notification to parents/guardians is required.

Does counseling sessions cost money?

All counseling services are offered whether you have the ability to pay or not. No client is rejected for inability to pay.

Where are counseling sessions offered?

Youth Services of Tulsa offers counseling in the Tulsa and surrounding areas including: 1.) Downtown Tulsa 2.) Broken Arrow 3.) Glenpool 4.) Owasso

How do i sign up for counseling services?

Counseling sessions can be scheduled by telephone or by requesting sessions from our website. Request a session online by visiting or by calling us at 918-582-0061.