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Sexual Health isn't the most comfortable topic to discuss.

Let's change that!

Our HEP (health education and prevention) team is here to help answer your questions,
no matter how awkward. 

have uncomfortable questions?

These are the people to ask!

Allie R. Photo.png

Allie Rice

Health Services Specialist

Sapora Harrison

Health Services Coordinator

Sunny Hartwell

Health Services Specialist

Health Education and Prevention (HEP)

connects you to the preventative care and health care you need.

Take responsibility for your health and your future.

Our OU Medical Clinic is accessible to our clients as a judgment-free zone.

HEP assists in connecting young people to tulsa area title x (ten) family planning clinics for reproductive healthcare.  Some services title x clinics provide are contraception, sti testing and treatment, pregnancy testing, physical exams, and education on prevention of pregnancy and sti's.  family planning services are available for clients of all genders
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